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Wedding Expenses

Wedding Expenses 
We all know that the cost of a wedding, even the smallest can be quite costly. But, does it really have to be? There are many ways to lower the cost for your wedding without sacrifices its beauty and elegance,

The very first thing you want to remember is to plan way ahead of schedule. The earlier you plan, the more you will save. Why & How? Because planning way ahead of schedule, will give you the time to shop around and find the best bargain prices. With using your imagination and creativity,  you can  D.

Sugar Paste Images

So sorry, it has been quite a while since I have made a post, due to business growth. This post is very much needed in order to deliver to you the best products available. Please keep in mind, when requesting sugar paste images, they much be ordered one full week to several weeks in advance in order to properly dry before handling. Although edible, they will also last for years if properly stored. Do not refrigerate or make contact with water. Remember, they are made of sugar and will dissolve.

Fondant or Buttercream?

If trying to decide upon which of the two for your event, here are a few helpful tips.

Although fondant is the most elaborate of the two, it is also the most costly. Whether it is homemade of store bought, most people will not eat it. Fondant is mostly peeled back from the cake. The most advantage that it has, is for maintaining the cakes freshness. Due to its texture, fondant should not be cut as one would cut a buttercream cake. By doing so, will surely cause the delicate cake underneath to crumble.

Cake Pops

You've asked, We've delivered!  We are now taking orders for  CAKE POPS.  These small bit sized treats are extremely popular. It has been quite a while since we've posted due to business growth development & perfecting the art. When making your request for these little treats, please let us know how you wish to have them displayed. Suggestions: If for a gift, they may be boxed, wrapped and tied in clear bags and colorful ribbon or presented in a decorative container.  If they are to be used as a dessert for your special event, they should be displayed unwrapped so that their decorations can be seen and for the convenience of your guest, by not having to be concerned about, looking for a trash can to dispose of the wrappers. Make certain to give your baker plenty of time to complete your order. Although quite small, these bite sized desserts, I assure you, takes quite a bit of time to complete from the beginning to end.

Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation

March 21, 2014 D & D Cake Designs had the honor of participating in the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation. The two highlights of the evening was to actually meet Coach Coughlin, the man that started it all and Jay McGillis mother and sister.  This is a perfect example of turning a tragedy into a blessing. The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation is helping so many families during their time of need and support in many ways. Take a few minutes to read about this foundation in order to offer your support.

Wedding Cake Accessories

Brides remember, when choosing your cake stand, it is important to choose the stand that will most complement your wedding cake. As well with your cake topper. Choosing the wrong cake topper and or stand, can and will cause a negative reflection on the appearance of your wedding cake, no matter how beautiful. Take just as much time needed when choosing these items, remember, they all should complement each other.

Happy Retirement

Congratulations to Chief Russell Ferris for his many years of dedicated service to his country. 
Happy Retirement.

Taste at First Year's Anniversary

This is a late post. However, we had a chance to eat our top layer after one year (8/25). I have had cake after one year in the freezer and I remember how awful it was. Oh but D&D Cake Designs has got it down to a science. The cake tasted like it was just made. There was no freezer taste. The icing and everything was immaculate.
p.s. I am not a paid advertiser or family.

Preferred Vendors

We at D & D Cake Designs are constantly looking, & listening to find the best of the best for our brides. With so many vendors within this industry, it is clear to understand why so many brides become frustrated and just wanting to throw in the towel and elope. DON'T! Planning a wedding is not an easy task, which is why we would strongly suggest finding a wedding planner. I was very impressed after meeting Miss Rachael Lappin of
Everlasting Events. Upon overhearing her conversation with the bride and her first impression, it was clear to me that she has their best interest at heart with regards to the expenses and a true professional. Rachael can be reached at everlastingeventsbyrachael@aol.com

Nautical Theme

Military wedding cakes are quite popular.  Many times brides and grooms are looking for something to reflect their careers and at the same time, wanting that touch of elegance. Alexander and Heather did a pretty good job of doing just that. Their wedding cake reflects his military career with that touch of elegance, truly exquisite.