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Making That Final Decision

Every little girl's dream, correction, most every little girl's dream, is having that picture perfect wedding day. And standing beside her, her perfect man.  Little boys, I think not. She has pictured in her mind every single detail. Many of the decisions when preparing for a wedding can be quite complicated if each of the couple have their own  opinions. There are times when I am met with a groom who wants to make all of the decisions with the design of the wedding cake. As I listen to their conversations, with actually hoping and praying that there will be a compromise between the two, I find myself tactfully having to intervene with offering suggestions for a compromise. But in the end, grooms please remember, that this is her day, something that she has planned for and envisioned her whole life. The bride is thinking of her life long dream, where as you may be thinking of what is most practical. In the end, please give her what she wants. Being an artist, I are extremely passionate about my work and the bride truly is my motivation. With this in mind, I simply cannot and will not agree with a design if I do not see an approval on the brides face. If she shuts down on me, meaning, she no longer wants to comment, this is a clue to me that she is not happy. Sorry grooms but she is my motivation, and I must feel that she is happy. Trust me, I will know.  In the end, I truly want you both to be happy but I must be honest, the bride is my ultimate concern. With every stroke that is placed on the cake, I'm thinking of her feelings and the expression on her face, when she sees what she has chosen. Ultimately, at the end of the day, the cake will all be gone so will be the champagne. Guest will have retired, the only thing which will be left, are the only two things which truly matters, THE BOTH OF YOU. You are the only two that will be left standing together for a life time. When things are placed in proper perspective, Mr. Groom you have the woman whom you have chosen to spend a day and a life time with. And Mrs. Bride, you will have your perfect man, isn't this what everything was centered around from the very beginning?  You are now husband and wife.

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