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Sugar Paste Images

So sorry, it has been quite a while since I have made a post, due to business growth. This post is very much needed in order to deliver to you the best products available. Please keep in mind, when requesting sugar paste images, they much be ordered one full week to several weeks in advance in order to properly dry before handling. Although edible, they will also last for years if properly stored. Do not refrigerate or make contact with water. Remember, they are made of sugar and will dissolve.

Fondant or Buttercream?

If trying to decide upon which of the two for your event, here are a few helpful tips.

Although fondant is the most elaborate of the two, it is also the most costly. Whether it is homemade of store bought, most people will not eat it. Fondant is mostly peeled back from the cake. The most advantage that it has, is for maintaining the cakes freshness. Due to its texture, fondant should not be cut as one would cut a buttercream cake. By doing so, will surely cause the delicate cake underneath to crumble.

Matching Colors

When requesting colors for your cake, keep in mind, that your cake designer can only come close to the original colors (s),  due to it is difficult to tint icings the same exact color as fabric. Always provide your cake designer with a swatch but again remember that the colors more than likely may be a hint off but nothing to the extreme which would make a drastic change to your color scheme.

Sugar Paste Flowers

Pretty, Pretty Peony. This is such a beautiful flower. Although very time consuming, the end results are well worth the time. Sugar paste flowers takes several days to dry, if this type of flower is what you would like to have on your cake, please make certain that you place the order at least two full weeks in advance. The petals as well as the bud, needs to be completely dry before handling. It is heart breaking to make such a pretty creation, only to have it fall apart due to handling before completely dried.