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Wedding Expenses

Wedding Expenses 
We all know that the cost of a wedding, even the smallest can be quite costly. But, does it really have to be? There are many ways to lower the cost for your wedding without sacrifices its beauty and elegance,

The very first thing you want to remember is to plan way ahead of schedule. The earlier you plan, the more you will save. Why & How? Because planning way ahead of schedule, will give you the time to shop around and find the best bargain prices. With using your imagination and creativity,  you can  D.

Wedding Cake Accessories

Brides remember, when choosing your cake stand, it is important to choose the stand that will most complement your wedding cake. As well with your cake topper. Choosing the wrong cake topper and or stand, can and will cause a negative reflection on the appearance of your wedding cake, no matter how beautiful. Take just as much time needed when choosing these items, remember, they all should complement each other.

Sugar Paste Flowers

Pretty, Pretty Peony. This is such a beautiful flower. Although very time consuming, the end results are well worth the time. Sugar paste flowers takes several days to dry, if this type of flower is what you would like to have on your cake, please make certain that you place the order at least two full weeks in advance. The petals as well as the bud, needs to be completely dry before handling. It is heart breaking to make such a pretty creation, only to have it fall apart due to handling before completely dried.